Connect with Others

"We draw strength by standing together, or simply by stretching out a hand to another when they are unable to hold on any longer."

- Shoshana Lipson

For people who live with an invisible chronic disease such as migraine, connecting with others who "get it" can be life-changing.

Migraine Meanderings has patient communities across multiple social media channels and we encourage you to explore them to see which ones work best for you. Whether you are image-focused and like Instagram, prefer Twitter's short and quick tweets, or want the more in-depth connection and support offered by Facebook, we have something for you. Each of our channels is unique and offers something different, so come and join us, and feel free to ask questions. You are NOT ALONE!

Connect with Us on Social Media

Having migraine disease can make us feel isolated and lonely. Being part of an online community with people who can provide emotional support, helpful advice, motivation, and a sense of belonging can help. Our trained moderators who also have migraine, ensure our social media channels and support groups are safe, respectful places.

Migraine Meanderings Facebook Support GroupMigraine Meanderings Facebook Group:

This welcoming space is where you can discuss all things migraine with other migraine warriors. Share your tips and tricks for managing attacks, discover support, find new resources and information, and help raise awareness.

Hope for Migraine Facebook Support Group - CGRP and New Migraine TreatmentsHope for Migraine Facebook Group

Be the first to know about the newest medications and medical devices for migraine. This private support group is the best place to discuss migraine treatment options with others, get breaking news, and learn about patient access.

Migraine Meanderings on InstagramMigraine Meanderings on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram to find information and motivation for living your best life with migraine. Support, inspiration, humor, tips, and more!

Migraine Meanderings on TwitterMigraine Meanderings on Twitter

Our Twitter feed is perfect for those looking for quick information about migraine.

Migraine Meanderings on PinterestMigraine Meanderings on Pinterest

Pinterest is where you will find inspiration and hope to improve your quality of life with migraine.

Migraine Meanderings on TikTokMigraine Meanderings on TikTok

Check out our short videos for the latest news and information about migraine.

Migraine Meanderings on YouTubeMigraine Meanderings on YouTube

Our YouTube videos include information from the top migraine specialists in the country, patient stories, tips to help you better manage migraine, and awareness videos.