Patient Polls

Empowring Patient Voices

“Hearing patient voices and their genuine lived-experience is essential in helping break down the communication gap between patients, pharma and healthcare professionals. Our healthcare system is fragmented right now when it comes to information-sharing. Because of this, hearing the patient voice through advocacy organizations has become not only important but imperative across the healthcare landscape.”

Patients' unique experiences lend much-needed perspective and understanding to life with migraine. Migraine Meanderings regularly polls its social media communities as a way to give people with migraine an opportunity to share their voices.

Note: According to a poll taken September 2023, the following is the "migraine frequency demographic" of our online Facebook community: chronic migraine-58%, high frequency episodic migraine-21%, low frequency episodic migraine-19%, less than one migraine day per month-2%.

POLL: Trying New Preventive Migraine Treatments

“To share stories, fears and small accomplishments with peers who understand you is sometimes all that gets me through the day. Migraine takes your life away, and those close to you; employers and doctors don't get it. Only a true migraine warrior understands another migraine warrior.”- Shelley

POLL: Trying New Acute Migraine Treatments

“The sharing of real life journey from those with migraine and their support system is essential to educating others, addressing stigma and impacting the medical community. Together our voices are made to ‘move mountains.’” - Kelly

POLL: Comfort Level with Asking Healthcare Providers for a Specific Medication

“Doctors, patients, and caregivers all need to have the same understanding of migraine disease and how it impacts daily life. Otherwise, we won’t make any progress to reduce stigma and improve treatments.” - Lorene

POLL: Number of Prescriptions Currently Used

“Often our voices about migraine are often muffled, not understood, or completely ignored. But each of us living with migraine  disease deserves to have our voice heard. If it is not heard the first time, we will not give up but continue to advocate for ourselves and others until we are heard and understood.” - Vonda

POLL: Best Type of Prescription Abortive Treatment

“It’s important to hear real people to understand just how diverse and different our experiences are. The more we talk, the more we learn from each other and we feel less alone.” - Mary

POLL: Indications that a PREVENTIVE Medication is Not Right For You

POLL: What are the greatest challenges faced in managing migraine?

POLL: What is the SINGLE greatest challenge you face in managing migraine?

POLL: Which types of migraine treatments patients have tried in the past 3 years?

POLL: Which migraine treatment types are you currently using?

POLL: Where do you get your new migraine treatment information?

POLL: The Most Complex Part of Starting a New Medication

POLL: On average, how many migraine days per month do you currently have?