Insurance Coverage

The key to successful migraine management is to have a treatment plan that a patient and their medical team develop together. Unfortunately, health insurance plans often make it difficult for patients to obtain the care and treatment options they need to manage this often debilitating disease. It is time for change!

Migraine Meanderings and The Headache & Migraine Policy Forum partnered to explore how insurance coverage impacts patients' ability to access doctor-prescribed treatments for migraine, and to advocate for change. The results are very concerning. Read the Summary Report below to learn more, and take action using our Patient Toolkit

"Insurance should not have more say over my treatment than my doctor or I do."

—Migraine Patient

"Step therapy, imposed by the insurance company, is a conflict of interest and an interruption of the relationship between the doctor and patient."

—Migraine Patient

“My treatment plan has been limited by what my health insurance is willing to cover.”

—Migraine Patient

“[Medical devices for migraine] are more effective than meds for me but insurance refuses to pay.”

—Migraine Patient

“I ended up admitting myself for inpatient mental health care because my depression from fighting my insurance compounded other conditions and I knew I needed help.”

—Migraine Patient

Learn, and take action!

Insurance barriers have a hugely negative impact on patients’ quality of life. They affect their physical and mental well-being, hindering their ability to work, attend school, maintain relationships, and more. But there are things we can do to bring about much needed CHANGE!

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Patient Impact

Read our patient survey summary covering four "treatment access barrier" surveys. Learn about the many ways insurance barriers negatively impact patient lives.

Know the Terms

Understanding common insurance terms can help you to better partner with your doctor's office and navigate any insurance delays, denials and non-medical switching more quickly.

It's Time for Action

Access our "Time for Action" page where you can read about specific steps to take, download social media post, a legislator letter, questions for your doctor, a sample telephone script, and more!

Download Toolkit

Download our complete insurance advocacy toolkit. Help bring about change to the access barriers that insurance companies use to limit patient access to migraine treatments.


of participants report that it took more than one week for their insurance to approve their prescribed treatment; 10% often never receive it.


of participants report that their insurance has required them to follow step therapy prior to approving a medication/treatment prescribed by their health care provider.


of participants have experienced insurance issues accessing the combination of medications their doctor prescribed.


of participants sought treatment at the ER or urgent care directly due to issues getting abortive or rescue medications that their healthcare professional prescribed for them.


of participants said their doctor has recommended or prescribed a medical device to treat migraine or another headache disorder.