Do I Have Migraine?

Have you ever wondered if your “headaches” could actually be migraine? It’s possible, because migraine is both underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed! Many of us will try over-the-counter pain medicines that provide little or no relief. We may make lifestyle changes that don’t successfully reduce our pain and other symptoms. You may even have friends or family members with migraine and wonder if this is something you are experiencing, too.

Take our migraine quiz to see if you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor or another healthcare provider. There is no cure for migraine, but getting a correct diagnosis is the first step in creating a successful treatment plan and better disease management.

Do I Have Migraine?

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Common symptoms of migraine include but are not limited to:

  1. Nausea and/or vomiting
  2. Pain is worse on one side
  3. Pain is pounding, pulsing, throbbing
  4. Pain is moderate or severe
  5. Pain is made worse by movement
  6. Visual disturbances
  7. Increased light sensitivity
  8. Increased sound sensitivity
  9. Movement sensitivity
  10. Limited ability to work or function

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