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Migraine is a complex, neurological disease that presents itself on a wide spectrum of frequency, severity, symptoms, attack triggers, and treatment responses. While there currently is no cure for migraine, there are multiple treatment options—none of which work for everyone, and many of which need to be tried for a few months to see if they are effective. Finding the best treatment options can be a long process that requires patience, perseverance, and courage! Often, people who live with migraine experience the most success managing their disease with a toolbox approach that combines different treatment options.

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing listed here should be taken as medical advice or as a recommendation of the treatments listed. All decisions about migraine treatment should be discussed with and made with your doctor.






Non-Pharmaceutical Options

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New Treatments


Preventive Care


Abortive Care


Insurance Terms


Treatment Pipeline

Download the Migraine Treatment Toolbox

Bring it to your next doctor's appointment and ask your doctor which options would be good to add to your personal migraine treatment toolbox.


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