Living with migraine or other headache disorders is tough, but when we connect in community, learn from each other and support each other, it is just a little bit easier! We encourage you to join us for one or more of these upcoming events! Click on the images to learn more or to register for the event.

Relationships and Migraine: Chat & Snack

Friday December 1 at 3pm ET

Join us on December 1 at 3pm ET in our monthly Zoom group for a live discussion about life with migraine, as we look at the topic of relationships and migraine. Note: This event is open to anyone who lives with migraine, and it is not recorded. Pre-registration required. 

What's New for Migraine & What's Coming Up

January 2024: TBD

Join us in January in our Migraine Meanderings Facebook Group for a live talk with Dr. Stewart Tepper about what's new for migraine and what is coming up in the pipeline. The date is still being finalized for this, so stay tuned!