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Non-invasive, FDA-cleared, medical devices for migraine can help block the pain of a migraine or cluster attack, or even prevent attacks from starting—without the side effects that sometimes accompany medications.

Currently, there are five FDA-cleared, non-invasive devices for migraine available— CEFALY®, gammaCore™, Nerivio®, Relivion®MG, and SAVI Dual™. These include both preventive and abortive indications, with some cleared for both adult and adolescent use.

Learn more about these medical devices below. Talk with your doctor to see if they would be good options to add to your migraine toolbox!


An external trigeminal nerve stimulation device (eTNS), CEFALY® sends tiny electrical impulses through a self-adhesive electrode placed on the forehead. This stimulates and desensitizes the trigeminal nerve, reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

  • CEFALY is FDA-cleared as a migraine abortive and preventive for adults.
  • Available over the counter without a prescription.
  • Covered by the VA for veterans in 165 facilities across the US.
  • There is a 90-day money back guarantee currently available.
  • A payment plan option is available.

Contact: 844-475-7100,

Watch: Unboxing the CEFALY video


By activating the vagus nerve with a gentle, 2-minute electrical stimulation, gammaCore™, a noninvasive vagus nerve stimulator (nVNS), helps block the pain signals that cause migraine and cluster headache attacks. The vagus nerve is known as the body and brain’s superhighway, and plays an important role in regulating pain. Convenient and handheld, this device offers up to 24 stimulations each day.

  • gammaCore is FDA-cleared as a migraine abortive and for migraine prevention in adults and adolescents (12 & older).
  • Cleared for use in adults as preventive treatment of cluster headache, and the acute treatment of episodic cluster headache.
  • Covered by VA for veterans and active military.
  • Available by prescription only through your HCP or the gammaCore telehealth partner.
  • A copay assistance program is available for people who have commercial insurance.

Contact: 888-903-2673,

Watch: Unboxing the gammaCore video


A wireless, smartphone-controlled, wearable device, Nerivio® is placed on the upper arm to stimulate peripheral nerves, which signal the brain to alleviate migraine pain. Nerivio is a remote electrical neuromodulation device (REN).

  • Nerivio is FDA-cleared as a migraine abortive and preventive for adults and adolescents (12 & older) with episodic or chronic migraine.
  • Available by prescription only through your HCP or the Nerivio telehealth partner.
  • Some commercial insurance companies have been approving the device with a copay.

Contact: 866-637-4846,

Watch: Unboxing the Nerivio video

Relivion MG®

A brain neuromodulation system, Relivion® stimulates both the trigeminal and occipital nerve branches to maximize relief from a migraine attack. The Relivion system can be self-administered with remote physician monitoring capabilities. The system consists of 3 components—the Relivion headset that delivers the stimulation, the patient app that tracks the migraine attacks and treatment, and the Physician Management Interface (PMI) that allows for remote monitoring. Relivion’s cloud based connectivity between the patient app and the PMI is designed to optimize treatment for each attack.

  • Relivion is FDA-cleared as a migraine abortive, and is also in clinical trials for a preventive indication.
  • The device is available through your HCP or through the company's telehealth partner

Contact: 888-473-5484,

Watch: Unboxing the Relivion video (coming soon)

SAVI Dual™

Using single pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation, the SAVI is a handheld device for migraine. It works by generating a magnetic pulse that affects electrical signaling in the brain.

  • SAVI is FDA-cleared as a migraine abortive as well as for migraine prevention in both adults and adolescents (12 & older).
  • Doctors can request the SAVI device using this Prescription Form.

Contact: 833-499-9300, -

Note: There are a few contraindications - or medical reasons - why these devices are not recommended for some people to use. It is important to learn about each device and talk with your doctor before starting treatment. Most should not be used by those who have an active device implanted, such as a pacemaker or implanted nerve stimulator. GammaCore should not be used by those with metal or artificial discs in their necks. Relivion should not be used by anyone with metal implants in their heads. Nerivio can’t be used by people who have congestive heart failure or uncontrolled epilepsy. Furthermore, these devices have generally not been evaluated on people who are pregnant.

Download the Migraine Treatment Toolbox

Bring it to your next doctor's appointment and ask your doctor which options would be good to add to your personal migraine treatment toolbox.

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