Achy Smile

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Achy Smile T-Shirt

I have a couple of t-shirts from the Achy smile shop that I love.  First, I like that the shirts are soft and are true to size.  When I have a migraine I want to put on something that is soft and comfy.  The first time I ordered from them was to wear in the month of June. I wanted the t-shirt that said I wear this purple ribbon for #me.  But I also wanted my immediate family members to wear them during the month of June as well to help raise migraine awareness.  There are ones that say I wear this for my # wife, or #mom or #husband.

The next t-shirt I ordered was the migraine warrior.  Again it is super soft, washes well, doesn’t shrink and comes in grape purple.  The perfect migraine awareness color! I wear this on days when I have a bad attack and need to be reminded I am strong and part of a disease that affects thousands of people; so I am not alone.  I also wear it when I am out and about as a great conversation starter.  I would highly recommend their products!<

- Debbie B.

Migraine Warrior T-Shirt

I really love the Achy Smile products and so appreciate Erica Carrasco, the owner, for all she does in helping raise migraine awareness. One of my favorite items is the Achy Smile t-shirt because it is a great conversation starter. Achy Smile really sums up how I feel most of the time - I try to smile but I'm in pain. Also, for those who like v-neck shirts rather than crew neck, all you have to do is put in a special request at no extra cost! Love it!

For anyone who is looking for a way to help start conversations or simply raise awareness, these t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, buttons, stickers and so much more are a great way to start. Plus, you'll be helping support a fellow migraine warrior!

- Shoshana L.

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