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Huggaroo Unscented Eye Mask

I have chronic dry eye in addition to migraine and other headache diseases. Anyone who knows me knows how very protective I am of my eyes.  I can’t have anything that irritates them. I’ve been using this for a few days and am so pleased to report it is comfortable. The part that touches my eye is silky and the weight is there and is comfortable. There are no seams, nothing but a smooth texture. I need to have warm compresses on my eyes because of the glands and my eye doctor has wanted me to find a way to do this. However, I have struggled to find something I can tolerate. The warmth from this product is something I can handle. My eye doctor will be pleased as well as I have a product I feel comfortable using. Not only that, but the unscented Huggaroo eye mask really has no scent at all. When I have a migraine scents are overwhelming and so I was really relieved to discover that this product was safe for me to use!

I’m learning small things can help with migraine, and am so glad that I discovered this product. A big thank you to Retreat Migraine and Huggaroo for offering a promotional code to attendees so I could try this. I’m so happy I did!

- Anna W.

Huggaroo Unscented Neck & Shoulder Wrap

One of the things I just can't live without is a heat wrap for my neck and shoulders. Not only does my neck pain trigger migraine attacks, but the migraine attacks also cause neck and shoulder pain. While many people with migraine love things that are cold, I do much better with things that are heated, and this neck/shoulder wrap by Huggaroo is my all-time favorite for this! 

Not only is it unscented, which is essential for me since scents of any kind trigger migraine attacks, but it also is SUPER SOFT, retains its heat for a long time after an easy 3 minute warm-up in my microwave, and after two years of frequent use it still looks and feels like new! All in all, a huge win and I highly recommend it to anyone who has neck or shoulder pain/stiffness.  

- Shoshana L.

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