Magic Gel Headache Hat

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Magic Gel Headache Hat

Having had migraine disease since childhood and now in my 50's, I have many different items in my migraine toolbox to try to help me with the daily migraine attacks that I've had for about 30 years.  Some days my head prefers warmth and other days it prefers cold.

For cold head therapy, I remember during my childhood up until my 20's using the reusable ice bags that you would fill with ice from your freezer and tighten the top to make sure it was closed completely and  hope it would not leak.  It was not very comfortable and you could only use it on one place of your head.  Then came the gel or clay ice packs with their covers and velcro strap that we would keep in the freezer which did not seem to stay cold for very long while wearing on your head.  

However, a few years ago I bought a Magic Gel headache hat.  It is made of soft stretchy material that holds nine ice packs.  Everyone's migraine pain is different and in different areas of the head, face, and neck.  With the Magic Gel headache hat, you can pull it down over your eyes and onto your facial cheeks where there are ice packs there, one on the forehead, two on the lower skull, two on the back of the head and one on each side of the head.  If you don't want to pull it down onto your cheeks, you can keep it pushed up on your forehead.  I keep mine in the freezer and it becomes almost frozen like.  But if you don't like it that cold you could leave it in the refrigerator instead of the freezer or take it out of the freezer and let it sit for a little while before putting it on.   It usually stays cold well over 30 to 45 minutes and still cool to touch after that.

  Out of all the ice packs I've used over the years, I find this one the most comfortable and stays colder the longest. I've often wondered if the person who invented this also had migraine disease because the ice packs are so well placed on the head. 

- Revonda S.

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