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TheraSpecs Glasses for Migraine

I’m an avid user of TheraSpecs eyewear as a part of my migraine treatment. Having a collection of TheraSpecs glasses has changed the harsh lights that affect my sensitive eye issues. Whether during a migraine attack or on a hazy day these are my “ go to” as protective lenses! I purchased my first pair after my neurologist suggested trying this type of lens to help me out. So, I started to browse the web and found a few different companies who advertised their glasses as migraine relief. To be honest, I’ve tried several companies’ glasses to compare for myself and, for me, the colored tint in the TheraSpecs lenses helps me tremendously! 

If I had to explain what happens to me when I put them on, I’d say my vision feels like a soft calming affect shields my eyes! The pinkish/yellow tint is just the right color to soften the florescent light, sunlight or other lights in general! It almost has the same effect as a blanket that wraps around you when you are cold. These glasses are your “blanket” for your sensitive eyes. 

TheraSpecs come in an assortment of stylish designs and colors. You can even have your prescription put into the glasses which can be made to your specific order, and they also make great sunglasses! I mentioned that I have a collection, but when I won a pair at Retreat Migraine 2021, I was thrilled to add the “Audrey” style to my collection. As someone who has chronic migraine, I am so appreciative for this calming eyewear, as I’ll try almost anything to help decrease my pain. I’m confident that if you purchase a pair of TheraSpecs or receive them as a gift, they will become a part of your “Migraine Tool Box!”

- Lizzie P.  

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