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Vogmask Mask

I have several Vogmasks because this is my favorite company to get my masks from. My all-time favorite is this purple swirl pattern one, but honestly, I have several that I vary depending on my mood and outfit:) Some of the great things about Vogmask is not only that they LOOK GREAT, FIT GREAT, and are super COMFORTABLE... but also the filter is over 95% for .3 micron Particle Filtering Efficiency, and >99.9% for Viral and Bacterial Filtering Efficiency. 

The great thing about the Vogmask is that not only does it provide great protection against viruses and bacteria, but it also helps with scent sensitivity. For people with migraine this is often really important. Scents are my number one migraine attack trigger, and so I've been wearing Vogmask masks for many years to help with this, especially in enclosed spaces where it's impossible to avoid exposure such as on planes, stores, events, etc. 

Generally Vogmask masks now come without the filter on the side. While this is really important to minimize exposure to other people, it can sometimes make it challenging for people with migraine or asthma. To get around this, I always ask them for the ones WITH the filter and then I DEACTIVATE the filter. For some reason, this helps keep the mask slightly away from my face which means I can breathe better and doesn't trigger migraine attacks. A win-win! 

- Shoshana L.   

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