Speaking Engagements

Shoshana Lipson is a regular speaker at conferences and for internal pharmaceutical events on the topics of migraine, chronic pain, patient engagement, patient centricity, and clinical trials. In summer 2023 she won the Social Health Award for Healthcare Collaborator. This award is for advocates who are bridging the gaps between industry stakeholders and healthcare consumers through to make a difference in the healthcare landscape at large by:

  • Speaking at conferences
  • Consulting with healthcare companies, and
  • Using their experience to help make change in the healthcare industry

If you are interested in having Shoshana, or another member of our team, come and speak at your event, please CONTACT US HERE.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Panelist: Authenticity in Action - Building Brand Affinity through Patient-Centered Campaigns

Speaker: Interactive Working Group - The Power of the Patient Voice

Previous Speaking Engagements

Pain Therapeutics Summit: October 19-20, 2023

Speaker: "The Patient Perspective on Novel Pain Drug Development"

Digital Pharma East: September 11-14, 2023

Speaker: "Patients From the Start: Transforming Pharma's Impact"

San Diego Regulatory Affairs Network: June 21, 2023

Speaker: "Working with Patients: Communication, Input, Challenges"

DIA Global Medical Affairs & Scientific Communications Forum - April 2023

Speaker: "The Landscape of Patient Engagement in Pharma"
Speaker & Panel: "Working with Patients: Communication, Input, Privacy"

Our Invisible Life Podcast - March 2023

Interview: "Migraine, Community and Social Media"

Pharma Patient USA, Philadelphia, PA - November 2022

Panel Moderator: "Support Chronic Illness Patients: Personalize Needs through Individualized Healthcare Strategies"

Pain Therapeutics Summit, Washington DC - November 2022

Speaker: "Solutions to the Patient Centricity Quagmire"

RetreatMigraine Annual Conference - March 2022

Speaker: "Telehealth and Migraine"
Speaker: "Attack-Based Care"

RetreatMigraine Annual Conference - October 2021

Speaker: "Medicare - Medicaid and Migraine"

Great Girlfriends' Podcast - October 2020

Interview: "Dispelling Myths About Migraine" - Listen to Podcast HERE

Healthy Women Chronic Pain Summit - July 2019

Panel: "Finding Your Voice"

Consortium of Arizona Cephalal-ologists, Teachers & Investigators Quarterly Meeting - July 2019

Speaker: "Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Providers: Optimizing a Partnership Model"

RetreatMigraine Annual Conference - April 2019

Panel: "New and Emerging Treatments for Migraine"

American Journal for Managed Care Stakeholder Panel on Migraine - February 2019

"Navigating Barriers to Access Preventive Migraine Drugs" - Watch excerpts here: EXCERPT 1, EXCERPT 2, EXCERPT 3, EXCERPT 4

Association for Migraine Disorders Annual Symposium - February 2019

Speaker: "CGRP and Migraine: Patient Perspectives" - Watch video HERE