Fostering Empathy in a Migraine-Filled Relationship

How Can We Foster Empathy in a Migraine-Filled Relationship? Do either you or your partner suffer from migraine attacks, or perhaps even both of you? It’s not uncommon, given that over 42 million live with migraine in the US alone. Like any physical or mental disability, migraine can bring a new layer to your relationship.…

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Growing Up With a Disabled Parent: Empathy or Resentment?

It would be an understatement to say that it’s difficult growing up with a parent who struggles with a disability. It changes the way you view your parents, friends, and even your own health at times. In this two-part series, I’ll examine how this impacts different parts of a child’s life. In this first part,…

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Migraine as a Coworker

Man at work holding his head while papers swirl around him

Having migraine as a coworker can be challenging. None of us are strangers to calling out of work for one reason or another. Whether this was a more frequent occurrence at some of our first low-level jobs, or out of necessity at our current job, it’s something we’ve all experienced at some point. For those…

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The Real Voice of Migraine

Real Voice of Migraine artwork

There is no shortage of online migraine information (or misinformation) lately. It seems whenever I check my social media feeds or Google, so-called experts have something to say. For instance, sharing the latest treatment hack, like soaking your feet in hot water to stop an attack! By the way… in case you’re wondering, that doesn’t…

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Migraine Behind the Mask: Making a Difference Together

Abstract artwork showing close up of faces with migraine

What Does Migraine Look Like For You? Every year, Migraine Meanderings asks our migraine community to participate in the Migraine Behind the Mask awareness campaign. This migraine advocacy campaign aims to help people without migraine better understand what life with migraine is like. Migraine is a highly stigmatized disease, and our campaign lets people with…

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On a Deserted Island with Migraine?

Man wearing jeans and a gray sweatshirt sitting on a deserted beach holding his head

“How can I feel lonely? I have my family around me and it’s my birthday weekend. Our daughter is visiting, who I haven’t seen in a while, and she’s spending 4 days with us–I’m over the moon excited! I have a migraine action plan that my headache specialist and I developed which, hopefully, will keep…

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Journey On: My Journey Living with Vestibular Migraine

The Beginning Looking back now, my journey began 11 years ago on July 14, 2011. Little did I realize that my life would change forever on that day. I remember having a history of bad headaches on and off since college, but now I had begun to experience horribly intense ones. I will always remember the afternoon…

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My Experience with Ketamine Infusion at Jefferson Headache Center

Ketamine is a medication that is sometimes used off-label for migraine treatment, and headache specialists on the cutting edge of migraine treatment sometimes prescribe it as a nasal spray or by in-patient infusion. Many patients aren’t aware that this is an option, and there is little known about what it is like to get an in-patient infusion,…

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Signs It’s Time for Prevention

As someone who lives with migraine, do YOU realize how IMPORTANT it is to be aware of your silent disease?? I’m not speaking of just your attacks but also your overall migraine days. Do you know the difference? Is there a difference? Do your days blur into one long week or month? And, did you know that there are signs to be aware of that show you need to consider preventive treatment, or reconsider the preventive treatment you are on. Yes, that can be scary, but the consequence of not being proactive with this disease can have a disabling and long-term impact on your life.

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Parenting with Migraine

Teaching kids how to do things for themselves is helpful for when I have a migraine. But, it also empowers them. When my daughter was 3, instead of feeling defeated that I was struggling to make her a sandwich, I tried to celebrate that my 3 year old could make her own sandwich! It taught me to reframe my perspective, and that has been incredibly helpful ever since!

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Chronic Migraine: Please Believe

Chronic Migraine: It’s real- please believe!
Behind that smile is an ocean of tears
Tears you will likely never see
Known only to those closest to me
Who watch the struggle to rise above
The courage it takes to face another day of unknowns and fear.

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