The Real Voice of Migraine

Written by Lorene Alba | November 1, 2023

There is no shortage of online migraine information (or misinformation) lately. It seems whenever I check my social media feeds or Google, so-called experts have something to say. For instance, sharing the latest treatment hack, like soaking your feet in hot water to stop an attack! By the way… in case you’re wondering, that doesn’t work! One of our goals here at Migraine Meanderings is to provide not only current, evidence-based information to help counteract the storm of misinformation, but also to elevate the voice of the patient so that others can hear the real voice of migraine. When patients share their stories, experiences, and knowledge, not only do others who live with this disease learn better how to manage migraine themselves; but also, we are able to raise awareness about migraine in society in general.

The Real Voice of Migraine

Blonde woman wearing glasses holding up a white speech bubbleIn 2023 we are delighted to have several patient advocates who have been willing to speak out about life with migraine in a series of short videos. They share their concerns, struggles, and guidance for others. Through these videos, we encourage people to explore the latest, evidence-based migraine management information, which includes the migraine treatment toolbox, to find a doctor educated on headache medicine who will work with you, and to advocate for yourself. These videos help amplify the patient voice by shining a light on the lives of real people. Here are a few of the topics our patient advocates cover:
Many have come together to share:
Migraine Behind the Mask: We also asked migraine warriors from our online community if they would be willing to give us a glimpse into how migraine impacts their lives. You can find some of their answers in our 2023 Migraine Behind The Mask awareness campaign video.
You can find these videos and more posted across our social media platforms. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels.

Other Educational Resources for Everyone

In addition to Real Voice of Migraine and Migraine Behind the Mask, this year we provided multiple educational events for people living with migraine. We offered live question-and-answer discussions with top migraine and headache disorder specialists. You can find these recordings posted on our YouTube channel, and watch discussions of topics like:

Online Support

For those of us living with chronic conditions, online support can be a lifeline. Our online support communities are available 24/7 and moderated by migraine patients. This is a safe place to ask questions, share information, and talk with others who “get it.”

We update our website resources and blog series weekly. Our patient advocates write blog articles based their personal experiences and scientific data.
Migraine Meanderings is not only for people living with migraine. Our extensive resources can help everyone better understand this debilitating disease. Caregivers, friends and family, and even coworkers can learn from our resources. The more people without migraine understand, the better they can support those who do.

Help Us Reduce Migraine Stigma

We want to reduce migraine stigma. The best way to do this is to share both patient stories and evidence-based education. You can help spread awareness by sharing our resources. You can lend your voice to our advocacy efforts. And, you can make a tax-free donation to our non-profit or organize a Facebook fundraiser to ensure our resources remain free to all.

Let us know:  How can we better use our voice to support you? Would you like to join our advocacy efforts? Which of the videos in this blog did you like the best?!

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