Create an Attitude of Gratitude With Migraine

Pumpkins in a basket with candles

With Thanksgiving and the holidays just around the corner, the season of gratitude is underway. For those of us living with chronic illness like migraine, feeling grateful and thankful can sometimes feel like quite a challenge. This is especially true during the busy holiday season. But, keeping gratitude at the top of our minds can…

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Are You a Caregiver For Someone With Migraine?

Woman with her arms on a mans shoulders

November is National Family Caregivers Month Are you a caregiver for someone with migraine? Every November, we take the time to acknowledge those who provide care for their family members living with chronic conditions. We recognize and honor all caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month (NFC Month). It’s also the perfect opportunity to raise awareness…

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5 Reasons Why Migraine Meds May Not Work

Mix of medications

This blog is part of our myths and misinformation series, where we separate migraine fact from fiction. This time we are looking at a myth that sadly can inhibit people from getting to the right doctor or getting the treatment they desperately need. Today we are asking, “Is it a migraine if migraine medications don’t…

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The Real Voice of Migraine

Real Voice of Migraine artwork

There is no shortage of online migraine information (or misinformation) lately. It seems whenever I check my social media feeds or Google, so-called experts have something to say. For instance, sharing the latest treatment hack, like soaking your feet in hot water to stop an attack! By the way… in case you’re wondering, that doesn’t…

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Migraine and Hair Loss

Woman with dark hair holding brush with lots of hair

Losing hair can be a very distressing and scary experience, even though unfortunately it is quite common. In fact, most people will lose hair at some point in their lifetime. Our hair is so often tied to our identities, so it’s natural to feel a range of emotions when we notice it is thinning or…

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Migraine Myth: Migraine is Just a Headache

Woman wearing white shirt laying in bed holding her arm over her eyes to block light

One of the hardest things that people with migraine live with is stigma, and much of that stigma comes from the myth that migraine is “just a headache.” What many people still don’t realize is that migraine is so much more than just a headache. While head pain is often the most notable migraine symptom,…

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Migraine Behind the Mask: Making a Difference Together

Abstract artwork showing close up of faces with migraine

What Does Migraine Look Like For You? Every year, Migraine Meanderings asks our migraine community to participate in the Migraine Behind the Mask awareness campaign. This migraine advocacy campaign aims to help people without migraine better understand what life with migraine is like. Migraine is a highly stigmatized disease, and our campaign lets people with…

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6 Tips for Heading Back to School with Migraine

A red apple sitting on a book, colored pencils and school supplies

It’s that time of year again! Students are heading back to school and it seems parents are scrambling to get their kids ready for the new school year. However, when your child lives with migraine, that scrambling can be challenging because there is so much more involved.  In this video, Dr. Thomas Berk, certified headache…

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On a Deserted Island with Migraine?

Man wearing jeans and a gray sweatshirt sitting on a deserted beach holding his head

“How can I feel lonely? I have my family around me and it’s my birthday weekend. Our daughter is visiting, who I haven’t seen in a while, and she’s spending 4 days with us–I’m over the moon excited! I have a migraine action plan that my headache specialist and I developed which, hopefully, will keep…

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What’s In Your Carry-On for Migraine?

Woman wearing blue jeans and white top walking in airport wearing a backpack and carrying a roller suitcase

Anytime you travel, anxiety and stress follow. Will I have a migraine attack? Will I have the meds I need to treat my attack? What else should I pack in my carry-on? What’s my migraine travel plan? Creating a migraine treatment plan for traveling will decrease your anxiety and help you pack the necessary medications…

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