Finding Answers: Taking Control of Chronic Migraine  

Written by Migraine World Summit (with permission) | February 28, 2024

Managing migraine day-to-day requires constant effort, no matter how long you’ve lived with migraine disease. People with chronic migraine – defined as a minimum of 15  migraine/headache days per month – may find this especially challenging. Not everyone has access to a certified migraine specialistVery few people with chronic migraine receive a proper diagnosis and effective, guidelines-recommended treatment. As a result, chronic migraine patients receive inadequate treatment and their quality of life is severely impacted. What happens when we don’t have access to a trained medical professional who understands chronic migraine? There is a ripple effect that impacts literally every area of life. 

The best way to advocate for ourselves is to be informed. We’re proud to announce the 2024 Migraine World Summit. This annual, free virtual event gives you the information you need to better understand migraine as well as other headache disorders. This will help you manage your own health and advocate for yourself to make sure you get an accurate diagnosis and access to the best treatment options.

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The Migraine World Summit doesn’t replace medical care provided by your doctor. However, it CAN help you partner with your healthcare professionals to better manage your migraine attacks. The Migraine World Summit will be live March 6-13, 2024. The world’s top experts in headache disorders will share new treatments, research, and best care practices for migraine and headache—including chronic migraine. The virtual Summit allows everyone to participate from the comfort and privacy of their own home. You can participate at your own pace and on your own schedule. Discover answers to your questions from 32 new interviews!

Some of this year’s topics include:

  • Controlling Chronic Migraine
  • Best Exercise Options for People with Migraine
  • Supplements and Food That Ease Migraine
  • Balancing Risk vs. Benefit of Migraine Treatments
  • Finding Migraine Relief
  • How to Manage Migraine at Work … and much more!

How The Summit Helps People With Migraine

Two out of three people who attended a previous Migraine World Summit reported living with chronic migraine (1) compared to an estimated 10% in the general migraine population.(2) What’s exciting is that 83% reported having a better outlook on their condition since they began participating in the Migraine World Summit. Research found that in 2022, participants benefited from attending:

  • 94% felt more informed
  • 87% understood their condition better
  • 81% felt less alone
  • 77% felt more confident talking to their health care provider
  • 73% were more hopeful or optimistic
  • 77% were more comfortable advocating for themselves
  • 68% felt more in control of their own health

This informative event is one-of-a-kind and free to attend live! Register HERE today. Please share this event with others who are living with migraine and their caregivers. Education is key to removing the stigma around migraine disease.

Please note: This article contains an affiliate link. The event is free to watch live, however, if you decide to purchase a copy of the interviews, we may receive a portion of the proceeds to help us continue our advocacy work.

Let Us Know! Will you join us at the 2024 Migraine World Summit? Have you attended a Summit before? What are you most looking forward to learning? 


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  2. Migraine Research Foundation


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