Migraine Behind the Mask

Empowring Patient Voices

Migraine is a complex neurological disease that presents itself on a wide spectrum of symptoms, severity, frequency, attack triggers, and responses to treatment. Those of us with migraine often put on a mask of hope and wear smiles to hide our pain. But the real face of migraine paints a very different picture. It's one of lost time, constant worrying, financial hardship, exhaustion, unpredictable pain, and the list goes on.

Behind the mask that so many of us wear due to lack of awareness and stigma, are the lives of real people. Real dreams and real hopes which are radically impacted by a real disability. The Migraine Behind the Mask project seeks to show the reality of migraine disease and its often devastating impact on lives. Together we can come out from the shadows, show what this disease really does to our lives, and in so doing - reveal our true strength. If you have migraine and would like to participate in this annual project which runs during the month of June, Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, please contact us at: info@migrainemeanderings.com

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