The Migraine Treatment Toolbox: Medical Devices

Written by Jessica Puterbaugh | September 29, 2021

Non-Invasive Medical Devices for Migraine

In a recent post, we walked through several questions to consider when building your migraine treatment toolbox. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at non-invasive medical devices for migraine. These can help block migraine pain or cluster attacks, and some even are FDA-cleared for preventive treatment to help stop attacks from starting. Currently, there are five FDA-cleared, devices for migraine available—CEFALY®, gammaCore Sapphire™, Nerivio®, Relivion®MG, and sTMS mini™.

Here are five reasons to add an FDA-cleared medical device for migraine to your treatment toolbox!

1. Effective treatment, without the side effects.

While each medical device functions differently, they work by stimulating different nerves and parts of the brain (learn how each device works specifically here). They offer effective treatment that is non-invasive, low-risk and free from many of the side effects that often accompany medications.

2. You can use migraine devices as needed, without the risk of rebound or medication overuse headache (MOH).

Because migraine devices are a non-pharmaceutical treatment, there is no need to worry about excessive use. You can use them as needed on their own, or in combination with each other.

3. Devices can be used along with other treatments.

Medical devices for migraine can be used in combination with prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as alongside alternative treatment options. And because they all function differently, you can also use more than one device.

4. Devices can often work when medications don’t.

Medical devices for migraine work differently than medications. They activate nerves and the brain behind the nerves, making them an effective treatment option for people for whom medications may have not been successful.

In addition, gammaCore Sapphire and Nerivio are FDA-cleared for adolescent use. This is key in helping those under 18 avoid medications, as they are often untested in that age group.

5. Both preventive and abortive options exist.

Medical devices for migraine can help reduce the frequency and severity of attacks, improving your overall quality of life. Several devices—CEFALY®, gammaCore Sapphire™, sTMS mini™—are FDA-cleared for both preventive and abortive care.

Learn More

There are a few contraindications for using these devices, so it’s important to learn about how each one works and talk with your doctor about which could be a good fit for you and your specific health conditions. Read more about each device here.

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