Beyond Medication: Treatment Tips and Tools for Managing Migraine

Written by Jessica Puterbaugh | November 4, 2021

When we think of migraine treatment, our minds often land on medications. But finding an effective combination of migraine medications is really just one piece to the very complex puzzle that is migraine management. People with migraine disease often find the most success with a holistic treatment plan—one that includes medications, migraine devices, and a mix of non-pharmaceutical and alternative treatment options. In addition, many people prefer to treat their migraine naturally, without medications. Today we begin a new blog series, “Beyond Medication: Treatment Tips and Tools for Managing Migraine,” that will examine non-pharmaceutical and alternative treatment options in greater depth.

Keep in mind, the same way certain medications work for some and not others, so too is the case for these non-pharmaceutical options. What works well for some, may not for others. Finding what works for you will require time and patience. Partnering with a qualified headache specialist can help you figure out which options could be beneficial to try, based on your specific migraine type and symptoms.

In addition to medications and migraine devices, a well-rounded treatment plan will include a mix of strategies. In upcoming blog posts we’ll examine each in further detail.


Adding movement to your daily routine can be a powerful part of your migraine treatment. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of exercising with migraine, and include tips to help you create a personalized movement plan that works for you.


What is the gut-brain connection and why do so many people with migraine also suffer with GI comorbidities? We’ll take a look at how your diet can impact migraine. We’ll cover the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet, hydrating, timing and eating regular meals, and ruling out underlining GI conditions and food intolerances that could be contributing to and/or triggering migraine. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of certain diets, and include information on supplements that may be effective migraine treatment options.

Stress Management

For many of us with migraine disease, stress is a leading trigger. What can we do to better manage stress in our lives? We’ll explore creative activities for stress management, and take a look at the benefits of therapy, mindfulness and meditation, and offer tips for prioritizing schedules and finding life balance.


Sleep is another common migraine trigger, so naturally, good sleep hygiene is an important part of migraine management. We’ll provide tips to help you try to organize and prioritize your sleep schedule so that you can improve the quality and length of your sleeping time, and get your brain the rest it needs.

Pain Management

Accepting and managing pain is not easy. We’ll offer tips for managing pain with over-the-counter tools such as ice packs, green light therapy, heat wraps, light filtering glasses, and more, for times when attacks are imminent. And we’ll explore alternative treatment options such as physical and massage therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acupuncture.

Finding Connection

Life with migraine can be challenging and isolating. Finding a community of like-minded people who understand can help improve your state of mind and make you feel less alone. We’ll help you find communities to connect with and share tips for getting involved.
Two people putting puzzle pieces together

If you’re reading this list and feeling that managing life with migraine is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Navigating a life with chronic illness can be difficult in many ways, and at times it can feel unfair that those of us with migraine must work so hard just to maintain a baseline. But take heart in the fact that there are always new things to try, and though we may not be able to cure migraine, we can work to make our lives more manageable.

Let Us Know

What else would you like to see covered in this upcoming blog series? What non-pharmaceutical options are successful for you? We’d love to hear what tips you have!

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