I’m Sorry

Written by Shoshana Lipson | January 5, 2019

Migraine disease is incurable and often completely disabling – it’s time to stop saying, “Sorry.”

I’m sorry… I can’t be there
I often let you down
So sorry I’m a burden
To all of those around
I’m sorry that the dreams I dream
Will never come to be
So sorry that the person I once was
You cannot see

And I’m sorry that my pain affects
My family and friends
The guilt I feel about all this
Seems like it never ends.
I’m sorry that I have no choice
I did not choose this path.
I long to live a “normal” life
To work and play and laugh

But most of all I’m sorry
If you cannot understand
This life of pain and loss of choice
Is not what I had planned.
Truth is the friends who know me best
I don’t say, “I’m sorry” to
They know & care, they see, they hear
They’re helping me pull through.

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