Hope Will Long Last

Written by Deborah Bloom | January 27, 2020

Migraine how I have begged and pleaded for you to let go of me
But you have pulled me back down like the undertow of the sea
I have not been able to outrun my plight
The fear, the dread, the torment that comes with you both day and night.
While many days you’ve had me hostage, held up in the dark
My imagination has taken me to places you have not been able to embark
Migraine you have stolen days that have stretched into many years
But my life means so much more than all of the shed tears.
I do not want my time measured by my hours spent in pain
But rather in cherished memories that bond together, like links in a chain
As ripples circle out from a stone that in the water is cast
I too have touched many hearts that I hope will long last.
My spirit is still far too young
This disease will not break me; I refuse to succumb
So while I may have days that I bow down in misery or despair
I still have wisdom to impart and I will make sure that I am there.
Some may question this disease that they cannot see
But it is not invisible to you and to me
Migraine you may refuse to let me loose, but I will continue on my quest
Today and the tomorrows I will pick myself up and strive to do my best

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