I Have a Friend

Written by Shoshana Lipson | September 30, 2019

The Power of Connection

I have a friend I often call when nothing’s going right

Their words give strength and courage to face another night.
It’s hard to lift the phone and say, “I just can’t carry on!
Tomorrow seems impossible, my strength is almost gone!”
And yet that touch from someone else is often all it takes
To pick myself up once again to see all that’s at stake.
That human touch is powerful, just like a precious stone.
Reaching deep into the heart, as seeds of hope are sown.
And so that friend will tell me, “Please know you’re not alone!
I’m right here too, I understand, I’m here to lean upon.
It’s way too soon to give up hope, to walk away from life
Even when the days are rough, too filled with pain and strife.”
And through that touch the tears can fall with someone else who cares
Making room for courage, as the pain is freely shared.
Breathing life into a heart that’s weary and forlorn
That friend brings strength to stand again, hold onto hope reborn.

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