Migraine Is Invisible – But We Are Not

Written by Shoshana Lipson | August 23, 2020

All too often caught between two worlds
Wearing a mask to cover a life fractured by the pain
We seek connection through the haze,
But are afraid to move.
Blinded by light unseen by others,
An assault on every part of our bodies and lives.

Even after an attack the scars remain
The monster still lurks.
Too short a moment before, once again –
Havoc and devastation.

The eyes can’t fully hide the pain
And yet this monster, this disease,
Remains unseen and misunderstood.
Suffering in silence often seems the only option.
But still we fight on,
Never giving up!
Yes – we fall, we break, we hide.
But then we rise, we heal, and we WILL overcome!

We are your friend, your partner.
We are your child, your employee,
The person you pass on the street.
We are one in eight.
We are not invisible, and THIS IS OUR VOICE!

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