New Year’s Resolutions for a Migraine Warrior

Written by Shoshana Lipson | January 1, 2024

How are you going into the New Year with migraine?

New Year’s Resolutions for a Migraine Warrior

  1. I will mindfully be kind to myself and rest when my body says I need to
    – even when that means “extreme self-care“!
  2. I will mindfully let go of guilt for the things I can’t do, places I can’t go, & people I cannot see
    – recognizing that this is not my fault!
  3. I will mindfully count the cost of the things I decide to do, determine which are priorities, and then plan enough REST & RECOVERY time afterwards
    – when my body cries out “stop” it’s time to listen!
  4. I will mindfully look for something positive every single day
    – even if that is just one small thing 
  5. I will mindfully pick myself up off the floor every time I fall down & be proud of myself for not giving up
    – acknowledging that even small steps often take tremendous courage
  6. I will mindfully accept when I need help and then ask for it, being honest about how I’m doing
    – even when speaking up is challenging or I feel like a failure
  7. I will mindfully look ahead to the possibilities of tomorrow and stop looking back at the “lost dreams” & things that “once were”
    – being willing to let go and focus on “what can be”
  8. I will mindfully seek ways to put my pain to purpose
    – I will not let it go to waste
  9. I will mindfully focus on things that I can laugh about whenever I can
    – acknowledging that laughter is good for the soul
  10. I will mindfully be kind to others, even when I am in pain or feel as though no-one understands
    – kindness is a precious gift

I will NOT give up in the face of this disease, and will approach my life with courage and honesty, always reminding myself that there is hope!

Let us know… which are your favorite resolutions for the New Year, and do any of the resolutions in this blog resonate with you?

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